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Best Breakout Tools 2021 For technical analysis, we got this award in 2021 for best tools to trade with technical analysis
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Solve Your Confusion Here

Here are all the possible question and doubt you have about our product, we try to give you answer every one

How This Scanner Works?

This is 1HR time frame scanner, where you have to see 1HR time frame in chart, but using this you can take trade for Scalping, Intraday or even swing Trading.

How To Access this Scanner?

When you made your payment, you will be redirected to the scanner access page, you just have to save this scanner in your chrome's bookmark bar.

One Time Payment of Every Time?

It's only One Time Payment, after your payment this scanner is yours for life time, ever you get life time subscription of Vihan Scanner for all futures' scanner we made

How This Scanner is Different From Other?

Main reason is this scanner doesn't show you any type of fake breakout here, that's why we are using 1HR time frame for 100% safe and best breakout entry.

How To Take Trade Using this Scanner?

This Scanner is available with inbuilt trading strategy, you have to trade using this strategy. This strategy will be shared below for clearly understand.

Suitable For Swing Trading

Yes, if you want 2 to 5 days of holding or BTST trade it's work fine, you get 1% to 2% return on your investment, using this. For Scalping & Intraday Trade is wonderful.

Let's See The Strategy

Strategy is very simple, you just need basic concept of technical analysis and use with Pivot Point Standard Indicator

Timing for trade in using this scanner is most most important for all. This is 1HR time frame and market open on 09:15 sharp. So you have pass 2 candle and enter on 11:15AM. Never enter before this even if you show very strong breakout in stocks.

In 11:15, you have to watch last candle which close around 10AM in trading view. Mark this candles High & Low and wait for third candle, when this candle break high of previous you have to enter in that stocks, remember only after breakout previous high and it’s third candle.

Generally target of this scanner is near 1:2 or 1:3, because of this is breakout scanner sometime it’s bullish more than 5% or 7% per day and you get very high target. But generally you easily get 1:2 target, for achieve high target you can go with trail stop loss

This is stock breakout scanner, so you can use it with multi type of segment like, Cash Trading, Cash Trading In Intraday, Future Trading & even Stock Option Trading. For Stock Option’s Better return always choose ATM strict Price 

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